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Lee "Scratch" Perry - Kiss Me Neck ( kirja )

Jeremy Collingwood-Lee "Scratch" Perry - Kiss Me Neck
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Reggae Cherry Red Books
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Jeremy Collingwood: Lee "Scratch" Perry - Kiss Me Neck KIRJA

Collingwood on julkaissut aiemmin kirjan Bob Marleysta sek� "toimittanut" kokoelmalevyj� Trojanille ja eritoten Pressure Soundsin Sound System Scratch -aarrearkun. N�ist� kolmestasadasta sivusta yli 200 on diskografiaa; etikettej� on joka l�ht��n! Jos olisi sallittua antaa miinusta, sen saisi kuvituksen mustavalkoisuus, mut hei...

"The amount of detail presented here is, like Perry�s music, mind-boggling. Collingwood sketches Perry�s history in the business during the first part of the book, providing background to his early career at Studio One, through the years working with other producers including Byron Lee, Joe Gibbs and Clancy Eccles, before the inauguration of his own Upsetter label and the eventual establishment of his legendary recording studio; The Black Ark, in the back yard of his house in Kingston from where he produced some of the most amazing music on earth...
Collingwood attempts to list not only every record that Scratch produced but also every record that was produced by others at the Ark, or indeed that had any connection at all with Perry."

Paperback 19 x 24cm. 300pp