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Junior Dan ( CD )

Junior Dan-Junior Dan
22 €




2005    Sydney Gussine  
Reggae Honest Jons
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Junior Dan: Junior Dan CD

"I recorded first for Randy's, around 1967-68, then Joe Gibbs, GGs, Lee Perry, Treasure Isle, Channel One... I even did quite a bit of work for Harry J as well. I played bass on the 'Black Slavery Days' sessions, and I was at the Rockers studios with Augustus Pablo from the start till I left Jamaica in 1980. I was with Burning Spear at the time of Hail HIM. This compilation is some of my own records -- deep roots reggae from the 1970s. -- Junior Dan. Classical reggae -- Black Ark, Yabby You and Augustus Pablo vibes -- with contributions from The Upsetter, Fred Locks and the Twelve Tribes musicians, Pablove Black, Zoot Sims, The Light Of Saba's recording engineer Joseph Robinson, and King Tubby, amongst an illustrious rootical roll-call. Compiled from ultra-rare singles."

1. Look Out For The Devil
2. Version
3. Red, Gold & Green Rainbow
4. Version
5. East Of The Rio Cobre
6. Wise Man
7. Cobre Version
8. Mr Big Shot
9. Version
10. Give Thanks No Skanks
11. Yanks And Ises
12. This Foundation
13. Jah Foundation