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The World Is Shaking: Cubanismo from the Congo 1954-55 (2LP) ( LP )

Various Artists-The World Is Shaking: Cubanismo from the Congo 1954-55 (2LP)




African salsa/son Honest Jons
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This is the fifth release in Honest Jon's series of albums exploring vintage recordings held in the EMI Hayes Archive. This album uncovers the dizzy beginnings of the golden age of African music zinging with the social and political ferment of the independence movement and anti-colonialism, after the Second World War and the daredevil origins of Congolese rumba--the entire continent's most popular music in the '60s and '70s. Includes rare photographs and notes by GARY STEWART, author of Rumba On The River. Sound restoration done at Abbey Road. Gatefold sleeve.

A1 Laurent Lomande Maboka Marie
A2 Adikwa Depala Matete Paris
A3 Adikwa Depala Akei Cimetiere
A4 Andre Denis Cherie N' Aluli Yo
A5 Vincent Kuli Yaka Ko Tala

B1 Jean Mpia Klim
B2 Boniface Koufoudila Ntango N' Abali
B3 Robert Yuakarie Musinichkie
B4 Albert Bongu Koseke Moniga Te
B5 Rene Mbu Boma Limbala

C1 Adikwa Depala C. C. T. Ebongisi Mokiri
C2 Fabien Libasi Bengala Ngai Bosele
C3 Laurent Lomande Elisa
C4 Adikwa Depala Moni, Moni Non Dey
C5 Boniface Koufoudila Bino Boton, Bosele

D1 Norbert Yakari Kioo Cha Nyumba
D2 J.P. Ndagu Mokolo Bafuti Sanza
D3 Boniface Koufoudila Tokowela Angelique
D4 Laurent Lomande Akimi Magai Na Butu
D5 Jean Mpia Tika Koseka
D6 Adikwa Depala Yoka Ngal