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This Is Lovers Rock ( CD )

Various Artists-This Is Lovers Rock
14 €




Reggae Greensleeves
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Quite a departure from the recent batch of re-issue material that Greensleeves have released. The UK based Lovers Rock is not a sub-genre of reggae that many people do not associate with the label, but they would be wrong, because for time in the late 70’s / early 80’s, Greensleeves had an offshoot label dedicated to Lovers Rock, called Cool Rockers where some of the material for this compilation is culled from.

All the songs on this compilation were massive hits of the time. At the time Lovers Rock was seen as an exclusively British thing, but over the years the music has become very popular in Japan and also in the US, where Lovers Rock music - which has always consisted of a lot of cover versions of big US soul hits - strikes more than chord.

On this set we have classics from the Cool Rockers, UK Bubblers, Ariwa, Fashion Records, productions by Winston Edwards, Leonard Chin with tracks by Sister Lover, Alpha, Caroll Thompson, Brown Sugar, late great Deborahe Glasgow and many more.