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Unit of Resistance ( CD )

Raz Mesinai's Badawi-Unit of Resistance
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Muut Roir
Tuotteen kuvaus:  
1. Gates of Chaos - (with Badawi/Raz Mesinai)
2. Market Place - (with Badawi Quintet)
3. Poison Dripping Cinco - (with Badawi/HhyScumclash)
4. Jihad Remix - (remix, with DJ Spooky/Badawi)
5. Bahr el Dumu' - (Pt.1, with Badawi/Seth Ayyaz)
6. Den of Drumz - (with Badawi/Kode9)
7. Out of Breath - (with Badawi/Kreng)
8. Knife the Etherics - (with Badawi/Filastine)
9. Badawileaf - (with Badawi/Marina Rosenfeld)
10. Ipanema Under Fire - (with Badawi/DJ Rupture)
11. Bahr el Dumu' - (Pt.2, with Badawi/Seth Ayyaz)
12. Crows - (with Badawi/Juakali)

Throughout his career, Raz Mesinai has been releasing albums of modern classical music and experimental improvisation under his own name and dancefloor-friendly beats as Badawi. UNIT OF RESISTANCE is the first album Mesinai has ever released under both names, and indeed, it combines elements of both styles into something entirely new. Recorded as a conscious act of political protest at a studio near Madison Square Garden during September 2004, the same place and time that the Republican Party was holding its convention, UNIT OF RESISTANCE is the end result of over 10 hours' worth of jams recorded with regular Mesinai collaborators, remixed, and manipulated into a blend of jazz, funk, and electro experimentation with found-sound samples from media coverage of the GOP convention.