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America Brasil o Disco ( CD )

Seu Jorge-America Brasil o Disco
18.50 €




Latin brasil Naive
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2008 release from the Brazilian singer/songwriter. Seu Jorge is an artist who has created his own distinctive brand of music over the years, breaking with musical traditions and even with the reality in which he lived. América Brasil o Disco is a dance album. Right from the start, it melds different rhythms together in the track 'América do Norte' ('North America'), in which the composer combines cultural contexts from the two Americas: North and South. In 'Trabalhador' ('Worker'), Seu Jorge depicts the diversity and hardships of Brazilian workers. 'Mina do Condomínio' ('The Girl from the Condominium') and 'Burguesinha' ('Middle-Class Woman') are the most danceable songs on the album and certainly the ones we will be hearing for years to come. The album ends with 'Voz da Massa' ('Voice of the Masses'), a song whose musicality stirs up emotions from the very first note. The mix of instruments - including a violin, bagpipes, three percussionists, drums, bass, and electric guitar, beautifully orchestrated by Seu Jorge - is enough to win over anyone who appreciates good music.