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Greensleeves 12" Rulers - Jah Thomas Midnight Rock 1981-84 ( CD )

Various Artists-Greensleeves 12" Rulers - Jah Thomas Midnight Rock 1981-84




2008    Jah Thomas  
Reggae dub Greensleeves
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The `Twelve Inch Rulers’ series concentrates on those classic 12” singles that Greensleeves have released over the years and that record collectors remember so fondly - and of which, many have never appeared on CD. The previous two `Twelve Inch Rulers’ releases featured Henry “Junjo” Lawes and Gussie Clarke. This release concentrates on the works of legendary producer and DJ Jah Thomas.

Jah Thomas was an important figure on the Jamaican music scene during both the roots era of the '70s and the subsequent dancehall decade of the '80s. Besides releasing several DJ sides of his own in the latter half of the '70s, Thomas also came into his own as one of the island's top producers for both singers and DJs. A bulk of these tunes were released in the UK on Greensleeves with the majority surfacing on 12”

Featuring full-length 12” mixes from artists like Tristan Palma, Little John, Billy Boyo, Anthony Johnson and Michael Palmer amongst others.

Recorded at Channel One, King Tubbys, backed by the Roots Radics, Sly & Robbie and engineered & mixed by Scientist, Soldgie and Prince Jammy.

Most of the tracks featured have never appeared on CD before until now.

CD contains extensive sleeve notes by historian and an exclusive interview with Jah Thomas. The booklet also contain rare photos and previously unseen images of the featured artists.

01 - Entertainment - Triston Palma, Jah Thomas & Ranking Toyan (12"mix) 7:10
02 - Ghetto Dance - Michael Palmer & Jim Brown (12"mix)
03 - Joker Smoker - Triston Palma (12"mix) 7:12
04 - Loafter Smoker - Papa Bruce (12"mix) 6:02
05 - Gunshot - Anthony Johnson, Jah Thomas & Toyan (12"mix) 6:47
06 - Jah Guide I - Little John & Toyan (12"mix) 7:16
07 - Mr. Dynamite - Bunny Lie Lie & Lee Van Cleef (12"mix) 7:33
08 - I'm Still Dancing - Michael Palmer (12"mix) 6:27
09 Calypso Calypso - Peter Metro & ZU-ZU (12"mix) 6:35
10 - Joker Lover - Little John (12"mix) 5:29
11 - Scandal - Billy Boyo (12"mix) 5:21