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MTV Unplugged ( CD )

Julieta Venegas-MTV Unplugged
19 €




Latin Norte / Sony
Tuotteen kuvaus:  
1. Limon Y Sal (Unplugged)
2. Seria Feliz (Unplugged)
3. El Presente (Unplugged)
4. Algo Esta Cambiando (Unplugged)
5. Eres Para Mi (Unplugged) Dueto Con La Mala Rodriguez
6. Esta Vez (Unplugged)
7. Algun Dia (Unplugged) Dueto Con Gustavo Santaolalla
8. Mirame Bien (Unplugged)
9. Lento (Unplugged)
10. De Mis Pasos (Unplugged) Dueto Con Juan Son
11. Andar Conmigo (Unplugged)
12. Ilusion (Unplugged) Dueto Con Marisa Monte
13. Como Se (Unplugged)
14. Mira La Vida (Unplugged)
15. Me Voy (Unplugged)

On March 6th, Julieta Venegas recorded her MTV Unplugged at the Churubusco Studies in Mexico City, where she presented new songs besides interpreting some of her greatest hits in an intimate atmosphere to a live audience.

This production counts on important and interesting collaborations like two time Oscar winner, Gustavo Santaolalla, who accompanied her with the banjo and sang the chorus of the song "Algun Dia (Someday)". Brazilian singer, Marisa Monte featured in song "Illusion", a new and beautiful song that combines the Spanish and Portuguese language.

Also Mala Rodriguez joined Julieta and included a strong hip hop movement to the song "Eres Para Mi (You are for Me)", whereas the vocalist of Porter, Juan Carlos had a unique participation in "Algun Dia (Someday)".

In addition, the very talented Natalia Lafourcade comprised of the orchestra and played several instruments during the night, whereas the talented musician and composer, Jacques Morelenbaum accompanied Julieta on the cello in "De mis Pasos (From my foot steps)".