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Maldito Tango ( CD )

Melingo-Maldito Tango
15 €




2007    Daniel Melingo  
Latin Manana
Tuotteen kuvaus:  
Argentinian tango punk poet Daniel Melingo has long owed us a new album. This little beauty is the second to come out of the Mañana label but only the third full studio album by Melingo in almost ten years. It was worth the wait – and tango has always been about waiting, whether it’s waiting under streetlamps, waiting for lovers to return, or waiting for release from prison. Packed with lyrics in gritty lunfardo (tango slang) and with great chamamé and klezmer rhythms, the album has beautiful moments of knowing melancholy, and tells tales from the lugubrious backstreets of modern tango. Through it all Melingo growls out his passions and slurs out his sorrow.
His debut, Tangos Bajos, was cool, clever and cheeky but very short and just a little too basic. The follow-up had some lovely tuneful moments, especially when Melingo did folksy songs, but was a bit all over the place. Maldito Tango has the best elements of both, but is richer – there are many layers to the production with changes of mood and message, and even the little exercises in electronica are stitched in well. Guests include Uruguayan Gardél sing-alike Cristóbal Repetto and Paris-based Afro-tango ambassadeur Juan Carlos Cáceres. But Melingo is always, in his own way, alone under a spotlight.
‘Cha Digo!’ has a wonderfully ghoulish chorus, ‘Montmartre de Hoy’ features inspired solo whistling and the closing track ‘Eco il Mondo’ is an epic of collapsing, jazz-tinted, folkloric shuffles. But there are no standout songs here; the whole gels together as a sly postmodern postcard from a deserted milonga in Buenos Aires.
Chris Moss

1. En Un Bondi Color Humo
2. Julepe En La Tierra
3. A Lo Magdalena
4. Se Igual
5. Fabriquera
6. Luisito
7. Cha Digo
8. Pequeno Paria
9. Montmartre De Hoy
10. Cuando La Tarde Se Inclina
11. Eco Il Mondo