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4-track Recording Session - Analog Africa No. 1 ( CD )

The Green Arrows-4-track Recording Session - Analog Africa No. 1




African Analog Africa
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The Green Arrows were a six-piece Zimbabwean group who became popular during the ‘70s after the South African producer West Nkosi discovered them playing in a hotel and coaxed them out of it and into a recording studio. That first session left them with two songs and two B-side instrumental tracks. One of those songs, the super-jangly “Chipo Chiroorwa”, was their first hit. It deserved to be. “Chipo Chiroorwa” is not only jangly and jingly, but also blessed with a catchy groove and a set of lyrics so direct and simple that even someone like me, who doesn’t speak a word of Shona, could feel tempted to sing along after a few listens. It’s great 1970s Zimbabwean pop.

1. Mwana Waenda
2. Bambo Mwakatila
3. Chitima Nditakure
4. Amai Mandida
5. Towering Inferno
6. Nkosi's Intro
7. Chipo Choroorwa
8. Doro Renyu Rinonaka
9. No Delay
10. Nhengure
11. Infalilibe Chisoni
12. Madzangara Dzimu
13. Nherera Zvichengete
14. Musango Mune Hangaiwa
15. Nyoka Yendara
16. Hurungwe
17. Chechule Wavala Botom
18. Chimamuna Chamimba
19. Vaparidzi Vawanda
20. Wasara Wasara