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Soul Taker ( CD )

Lucky Dube-Soul Taker
18 €




Reggae Shanachie
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Lucky Dube has been shot dead by car hijackers in Johannesburg. In front of his son. October 18, 2007

Reggae superstar Lucky Dube (pronounced Doo-Bay) is one of reggae music's best-selling artists and most outspoken performers. Motivated by first-hand experiences of apartheid's oppression in South Africa, and inspired by the controversial lyrics of Peter Tosh, a youthful Lucky Dube made the switch from traditional Zulu Mbaquanga music to reggae music. His first reggae album, 'Rasta Never Die' (1986), was banned from the radio by the then all-white South African government. But Lucky Dube was destined for success, and was to become one of South Africa's biggest artists, and a freedom fighter in his own right.

== I have been in South Africa 6 years ago and I met some nice people downthere and this post is in respect of Lucky Dube and his family and for all those who still fighting against any kind of prejudice in this World. R.I.P. ==
01. Put A Little Love
02. Romeo
03. Sleeping Dogs
04. Teach The World
05. Soul Taker
06. Money Money Money
07. Is This Freedom
08. Love Me (The Way I Am)
09. Good Girl
10. Fugitive
11. Sins Of The Flesh