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Ranking Dread in Dub ( LP )

Sly & Robbie / Roots Radics-Ranking Dread in Dub
15 €




1981 /    Ranking Dread  
Reggae dub Silver Kamel
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”I man don’t want to watch no TV, I man wanna listen to a Dub LP!” So says Ranking Dread on his debut dub album. Originally released in 1981 this Dub LP has gained cult status due in part to the fantastic cover art of Rod Vass. To some this is THE DUB album by which all others should be measured. It’s hard for us to be objective about that statement but when you hear the incredible mixes from King Tubby I am sure that you will have to think about it too. King Tubby takes ridims laid by Sly and Robbie and injects them with a power that screams “this is a Tubbys mix” . The masterful use of echo and reverb that goes to the outer edge of dub yet never loses control. Check out the stellar mix of Bob Marleys “I Don’t Want To Wait In Vain”. Scientist flexes his muscles from track 6 on the CD with an absolutely incredible show of echo control on the opening drum sequence, this track I play over and over. Each track showing that the Master had passed on his skills to his protégé and apprentice, then you get to one of the gems, a crucial rendition of ”No No No”. Not to be missed… There were only 1,000 pressed in 1981 and very rarely do they surface to the buying public. This release will give everyone the opportunity to have their own copy and play it till it’s worn out… Available on CD and LP, get one for the car and one for the HIFI. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying this album for many years, now it’s your turn…