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At Studio One ( LP )

Marcia Griffiths-At Studio One
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    C.S Dodd  
Reggae dub Studio One
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The legendary Marcia Griffiths, the premier popular female vocalist of Jamaican music, is the undisputed champion for recording and releasing hit songs. She is the reigning Empress of Reggae Music. Marcia has been performing professionally for over 30 years, a major accomplishment by any measure, in any field of endeavor. Moreover, the consistency of hits that were released in this era, such as “Fire Burning”, “I Shall Sing”, “You Have Lost That Loving Feeling”, the recent remake “Tell Me Now,” and "Run Up And Down" clearly shows her potential to deliver and prevail.

The first song Marcia Griffiths ever recorded was “Wall Of Love” for producer, Coxone Dodd at Studio One. That song was never released. The first hit single Marcia released was “Feel Like Jumping”, written by Bob Andy, arranged by Jackie Mittoo and produced by Coxone Dodd on the Studio One ( Down Beat) label. Her debut album “Marcia Griffiths at Studio One” was from the same label and producer. This album featured the first combination recording of Bob and Marcia - “Always Together”. Marcia’s second album for Studio One, titled “Truly” was released in 1998 by Heartbeat Records.

1. Truly
2. Always Together
3. Melody Life
4. My Ambition
5. Let Me Hold You Tight
6. Words
7. Mark My Words
8. Tell Me Now
9. Feel Like Jumping
10. Let Me Be Yours