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The Roots of Chicha ( CD )

Various Artists-The Roots of Chicha
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Latin cumbia Barbes
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With the new CD “The Roots of Chicha: Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru,” the man who compiled the music, Olivier Conan, might just be giving American popular culture a chance to hear some music that has slid under the radar for decades.
Chicha is the sound of one style of Peruvian pop music that is derived from Cumbia, a form of Colombian music, and popular in the poor, urban neighborhoods, where Conan was introduced to it.
In the 1960s, Chicha bands were borrowing sounds and ideas from English and American music and melding these with Cumbia — electric guitars and bass, Moog synthesizers and Farfisa organs all crept in. The first group of these bands came out of the Amazon — bands like Juaneco y Su Combo, and Los Tigres de Tarapoto.
In the 1970s, large migrations to Lima saw the form reach a wider audience, with Lima-based bands like Los Destellos, Los Hijos del Sol, and Los Diablos Rojos further popularizing — and tinkering with — the sounds.
As Conan says in the liner notes of the album “They didn’t travel to London. No discourse was elaborated around the music. It never became popular with the Peruvian middle class. Art students didn’t embrace it. Critics and intellectuals didn’t write about it. As a result, the music was scorned nationally — and largely ignored outside of Peru.”
Conan hopes to put out further releases by the bands included on the compilation, as well as maybe getting at least one of them on tour in the United States.
Conan is known for forging some unique sounds in his own right as a founding member and cumbia player of the band Las Rubias del Norte, and also as owner of the lively Brooklyn bar and performance space Barbes and its record company, which released the collection of Chichas.

1 Sonido Amazonico Los Mirlos
2 Linda Nena Juaneco y Su Combo
3 Carinito Los Hijos del Sol
4 A Patricia Los Destellos
5 Sacalo Sacalo Los Diablos Rojos
6 Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo Juaneco y Su Combo
7 El Milagro Verde Los Mirlos
8 Para Elisa Los Destellos
9 Linda Muñequita Los Hijos del Sol
10 Muchachita Del Oriente Los Mirlos
11 Elisa Los Destellos
12 Vacilando Con Ayahuesca Juaneco y Su Combo
13 El Guapo Los Diablos Rojos
14 Mi Morena Rebelde Eusebio y Su Banjo
15 Si Me Quieres Los Hijos del Sol
16 Mi Robaron Mi Runa Mula Juaneco y Su Combo
17 La Danza De Los Mirlos Los Mirlos