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Mojo Rocksteady Beat ( LP )

Sound Dimension-Mojo Rocksteady Beat




2007    C.S. Dodd  
Reggae dub Soul Jazz
Tuotteen kuvaus:  
The Sound Dimension have recorded some of the most important songs in Reggae music; songs such as "Real Rock", "Drum Song", "Heavy Rock", "Rockfort Rock", "In Cold Blood" - all classic songs that have become the ‘foundation’ of Reggae music, endlessly versioned and re-versioned by Jamaican artists since the time they were first recorded to the present day. As the in-house band at Studio One in the late 1960’s, The Sound Dimension also played alongside everyone from The Heptones, Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Marcia Griffiths and more. None of this can explain the importance of this music. This album can be seen as a companion to the earlier Sound Dimension release "Jamaica Soul Shake" and together these two albums make a unique and definitive document of a seriously important set of recordings.

1 Less Problem
2 Rockfort Rock
3 Funky
4 Ten To Ten
5 Jamaica Underground
6 Real Rock
7 Reggae Time
8 In Cold Blood
9 Heavy Rock
10 Great Mu Ga Ru
11 Park View
12 Ironside
13 Mojo Rocksteady
14 Scorcia
15 Drum Song
16 Summertime
17 Straight Flush
18 Jamaica Bag