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Aquarius Rock: The Hip Reggae World Of Herman Chin Loy (2LP) ( LP )

Various Artists-Aquarius Rock: The Hip Reggae World Of Herman Chin Loy (2LP)




2004    Herman Chin Loy  
Reggae Pressure Sounds
Tuotteen kuvaus:  
01. Aquarius Rock — Augustus Pablo & Herman
02. Darkest Night — James Eastwood
03. The Red Sea — Augustus Pablo
04. Alton's Official Daughter (Version 1) — Alton Ellis
05. Aquarius Dub — Herman
06. Alton's Official Daughter (Version 2) — Alton Ellis
07. Funky Aquarius (Aquarius Horns) — The Aquarians
08. Funky Strip — Charlie Boy
09. Iggy Iggy — Augustus Pablo & Herman
10. Road Runner — Sounds Unlimited
11. Pick Up The Pieces — Archie McKay
12. Song Of The East — Augustus Pablo
13. Middle East Skank — Sounds Unlimited
14. No More War — Beres
15. No More Version — Herman
16. Snowball And Pudding — Augustus Pablo
17. East Of The River Nile — Augustus Pablo
18. Soul Vibration — The Teacher
19. River Nile Version — Herman
20. Return Of Sabata — Dennis AlCapone
21. Sabata — Herman
22. Song My Mother Used To Sing — Dennis Brown
23. Groove With It — Leroy Parker
24. I Man — Herman

Herman Chin Loy has a sound that is as distinctive as any in Reggae, always specializing in the quirky and the offbeat. His Scorpio and Aquarius labels were responsible for some of the most innovative instrumentals in reggae. Based in his Kingston record shop he was perfectly placed to pick up on the 'street' vibes of many of his young hip customers in the early 70s. Herman DJ’d and MC’d at some of Kingston's coolest clubs. He was actually making instrumental records under the name of Augustus Pablo before a skinny young kid called Horace Swaby turned up in his shop holding a melodica!! Herman gifted the name Augustus Pablo on the young Swaby and took him to the studio. The rest is history. What we have here are some of the liveliest funky reggae music that was ever made. There are a handful of vocal tracks but all are killas. Two different cuts of Alton's Official Daughter, Dennis Brown and the little known but very talented Archie Mckay. DJ Dennis Alcapone and super scat intros from Herman himself.

This album is a delight from start to finish.