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Louie's Grooves: Latin Soul, Jazz & Boogaloo ( CD )

Louie Ramirez-Louie's Grooves: Latin Soul, Jazz & Boogaloo
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Latin Vampisoul
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In the Sixties, Louie Ramirez dominated the New York Latin music scene as a Latin boogaloo gun-for-hire, arranger of hardcore mambos, and hip Latin jazz musician. Ramirez composed, arranged, and played vibes, piano and timbales on his own recordings, as well as for a host of other major and minor acts during that period. From Sabu Martinez to the Latin Blues Band, everybody wanted a piece of Louie’s colourful imagination. Indeed, he was often described as the Latin Quincy Jones. This compilation isn't an attempt to present a definitive portrait of Louie Ramirez –even a hefty box-set might not do justice to his 4-decade musical repertoire. With the exception of "Barrio Nuevo", this collection focuses exclusively on a dynamic 10-year stretch, 1960-1970, with the tracks culled from his work with the Fania family: Fania, Tico, Alegre and Cotique. Of course, Ramirez continued producing, writing and arranging throughout the 1970's (right up to his death in 1993), but Louie's oeuvre in the Sixties was arguably his freshest –it brilliantly demonstrates his chameleon-like genius.

1. Yroco

2. It's Not What You Say

3. Chin Chon Chow

4. Luisito Mozambique

5. Times Are Changin'

6. Cooking With A & J

7. Azucar En Nueva York

8. Barrio Nuevo

9. The Oracle

10. Guaguanco De Los Violentos

11. I Dig Rhythm

12. La Flauta

13. Rush Hour In Hong Kong

14. Descarga A & J

15. Don Maceo

16. Vitamina

17. Fat Papa's Descarga

18. Sid's Groove