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More Pressure Volume One - Straight To The Head (2LP) ( LP )

Various Artists-More Pressure Volume One - Straight To The Head (2LP)
24 €




Reggae Pressure Sounds
Tuotteen kuvaus:  
01. Diverse Doctrine — Ras Ibuna
02. Diverse Doctrine Version — The Village Bunch
03. The Way It Is — Ricky Storm (I Kong)
04. The Way It Is Version — Ricky Storm (I Kong)
05. We Shall Over Come — Michael Rose
06. Over Come — The Key
07. Skyjack — Bongo Gene
08. Skyjack Version — Bongo Gene All Stars
09. Free Meal Ticket — Cornell Campbell
10. The Winner — Barrington Levy (Twelve Inch Version)
11. Nah Chuck It — Dillinger
12. Chucky Dub — The Hardy Boys
13. Free For All — Tafari Syndicate
14. All For Free — Tafari Syndicate
15. Folk Song — Uhuru (The Sound Of Freedom)
16. Folk Song Version — The Freedom Singers
17. Eight Against Rome Version — The Mercenaries

In the past many of our albums have focused on the work of One Producer, artist or label. The More Pressure series will focus on our favourite tunes rather than the former. The gloves our off!!
This album is simply stunning. (In our opinion) Some of the tracks may be slightly unfamiliar. But don't panic it's the crème de la crème of reggae music.
We have chosen tracks that our personal favourites. Every track is a stone dead killa.
'Diverse Doctrine' by Ras I Buna. The 'Way it is' by I Kong. These tracks are extremely rare and fantastic to listen to. 'Folk Song' by Uhuru (Black Uhuru's first ever recording) rare as hens teeth!!!
One of our personal favourites Michael Rose 'We Shall Overcome' is included with its searing dub version.
Packaged with the usual care and attention and superb artwork. We think this is fabulous stuff and is sure to be a popular addition for all Pressure Sounds fans.