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Black Black Minds ( CD )

Travellers-Black Black Minds
16 €




2005    King Jammys  
Reggae dub Pressure Sounds
Tuotteen kuvaus:  
01. Black Black Minds — The Travellers
02. Know Yourself — The Travellers
03. Jah Gave Us This World — The Travellers
04. Natty Dread at the Controls — U Black
05. False Leaders — The Travellers
06. Peace And Rest — The Travellers
07. Peace And Rest Version — Prince Jammy's
08. The Girl I Left Behind — The Travellers
09. Tell Me Why — The Travellers
10. How Long — The Travellers
11. How Long Version — Prince Jammy's
12. Poor Man Cry — The Travellers
13. Jammy's A Do It — U Black
14. Keep On Trying — The Travellers
15. Keep On Trying Version — Prince Jammy's
16. We Got To Leave — The Travellers

The last release of 2005 on Pressure Sounds is long lost treasure. ‘Black Black Minds’ by vocal harmony group the Travellers. Produced by King Jammy in the late 70’s and never before available since. It has added bonus dubs and DJ cuts by U Black.
The Travellers sound similar to Groups such as Earth and Stone and Black Uhuru. Vocal harmony groups have always been a cornerstone of Jamaican music and groups such as The Travellers deserve there place alongside the other great vocal groups from the period.
From his position in the heart of the Waterhouse area Jammy’s had a home grown stable of readily available talent to work with and The Travellers started out in the same way as the loose local collective of harmony groups that included The Royals, The Jayes and Black Uhuru endlessly practising and perfecting their art in the yards of Kingston 11. Two members of The Travellers, along with Errol Nelson who also sang with both The Royals and The Jayes, had previously worked with Jammy’s helping to fill out the harmonies on the debut Black Uhuru album ‘Love Crisis’. Originally released on Jammy’s own label it was later re-released at the height of Black Uhuru’s international fame.
The ‘Black Black Minds’ album features 16 tracks spread over 4 sides of vinyl its taken from original master tapes that were found by Jammy quite recently while he was looking for something else!!!

Backed by the Musicians in the High Times band, The Aggrovators and Sly and Robbie. This is a stunning example of vocal harmony singing. Standout tracks include, ‘Know Yourself’ ‘Poor Mans Cry’
Jammy himself described it as like ‘finding Gold’.